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Study Abroad

World class education is a way that leads you to an opportunity to successfully shape your career in the global market. An international qualification is accredited world-wide. Studying abroad provides you a chance to network with employers, industrialists and experts from across the globe. It helps you to familiarize yourself with the demands around the globe and amplify your career prospects.

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Student Visas

Quality education is everyone’s dream, irrespective of their fields of interest. Studying abroad results in the enhancement of student’s perception in their fields of specialization. So many people wish to study abroad in world-renowned universities. A world-wide recognition of the qualifications acquired from these universities makes the holder competitive in the job market.

At Dwaza, we understand the need of the students to obtain the benefits that come from abroad education to pursue their careers. Hence, we stand by the students from the time of getting a placement in their choice of university abroad to the right way of obtaining their student visas. Additionally, we guide them on ways to cope with the foreign culture and help them to acquire the scholarships they deserve.

How Dwaza Helps

Dwaza consultants gives you customized and transparent counselling while choosing the right study options. We assist in your every step towards your path of global education, which includes applying to the institutions of your choice, availing scholarships, tuition fee payment, guidance during visa documentation and post landing services and support to make sure your transition is untroubled.

Career Counselling

Our trained and experienced team of counsellors assist students in discovering university and courses the perfectly match their aptitude, interests, academic and financial background.

Addmission Support


To ensure absolute and error-free application for the student, we guide them throughout the admission process along with regular follow ups with universities.

Dwaza Consultants is no match when it comes to admission support. We can seamlessly facilitate the admission in over 200 universities, colleges and polytechnics world-wide depending upon your potential and preference, with our strong association with reputed overseas program providers, associates and support officers across the world. Irrespective of our association, we are equipped to assist students for admissions in any overseas program providers. Our consultants give one-to-one counselling sessions to provide you with a range of options considering your passion, academic and financial background, so that choosing an appropriate program, institution and country is in your hands. Our internationally trained admission executives assist you in error free application formalities and if required, to groom you for the online/telephonic interview. Dwaza Consultants guarantee a hassle free admission process to our students, which results in high success rate and to top it all our comprehensive services for students come absolutely free of charge.

Visa Assistance

We offer Visa assistance right from the filling of application to document preparation that meet even the most stringent standards required by some visa offices of any country. High visa success rate is ensured with our experts help, who have years of experience in Visa procedures and are up-to-date with constant changes in regulations and procedures.

Dwaza Consultants have high success rate when it comes to visa, irrespective of the country since we constantly harmonize ourselves with visa regulations of different countries which results in speedy outcome. Every single detail from arranging necessary documents to preparation of the file is examined and reviewed by our internationally experienced immigration attorneys and professionals. To enable prompt and precise documentation, a deeply dedicated teams works with Immigration and High Commission Offices. Apart from guiding with the documentation, we also help in the preparation of visa interviews through mock interview sessions. Therefore, if you are searching for a hassle-free and error less and speed visa processing, please consult your study abroad counsellor at Dwaza Consultants for guidance.