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Pursue your dream course in UK

  • Free counselling to choose your preferred course through right path.
  • Build solid and exceptional application with the help of our counsellors.
  • Get absolute guidance with student visa process.
  • Discover opportunities to work in UK after graduation. 
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Why study in UK

Among the top countries who offer a higher quality education, UK has a special place. Apart from being a home of the fairest legal system in the world, democratic principles and admirable art, UK also is a home for multiple cultures giving a cosy and homey feeling. UK institutions consistently rank among the best in the world and qualifications are internationally valued and recognised. One of the best things about UK education is that the wide range of options available with best quality, irrespective of your area of expertise. Thus, a degree from UK can be a great selling point for a promising and bright career. Moreover, there are different kinds of scholarships, grants and bursaries provided by the UK institutions just for the international students. Additionally, international students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during holidays. The universities also offer various options to study such as full-time, part-time, evening programme, distance learning and e-learning.


  • Internationally recognised universities & qualifications
  • High quality education
  • Strong research infrastructure
  • Work while you study and work permit after study
  • Scholarship and financial support
  • Cross-cultural experience

Complete admissions support to study in UK

Considering all the factors, it is not much surprising to say that the UK universities that the admissions are highly competitive. So, Dawaza consultants understand the difficulties in the application process and assist them to finding the right course and help the students to improve their profile to achieve their dream of enrolling in their choice of university or college. 

Cost of studying in UK

Education in UK is much cheaper compared to USA and higher than other countries but so is the education and considering the fact that the degree programs are shorter than other countries, students are assured to get the best bang for their money in the British Education. Like any other country, the tuition fees in UK vary according to the course and location. On average under-graduate course tuition fee ranges from £10,000 to £38,000 and graduate degree costs £16,000-£20,000.

Intakes in UK

Colleges and universities in UK offer three intakes but commonly these intakes are referred as terms there. These three intakes are:

Term 1: September to December

Term 2: January to April

Summer 3: April to June


Although there are three intakes, term1 and term2 are the popular ones. Depending on the availability of the course and university of your choice terms are decided.