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Complete admissions support to study in USA

The United States of America is the most popular and favoured destination around the world for its opportunities to fulfil your dreams and for immigrants seeking new visas, but this country has a separate place when it comes to higher studies among students in various fields of work. For decades it has been regarded as a pioneer in technological innovation and scientific exploration. In addition, this country is also known for its motion picture industry, art and architecture. US is a true amalgamation of various life styles and cultures due to large of international people inhabiting it. So we, Dwaza Consultants, know the high competitions in acquiring admission in a top-notch university or college and hence, help by finding the perfect course to you and let you choose the right path. Moreover, we also not only in getting admission but also in every milestone of your journey to your dream university or course.

Why study in USA

The U.S. has the largest population of international students with more than 800,000 students opting it as their most favoured overseas education destination. The American education system affords the most comprehensive coursework to its students with equal focus on theoretical learning and practical experimentation. The classes are structured in a way so that the students can study what they love the most by creating their own curriculum. Most of the U.S. universities have always held a major share in the lists of top universities of the world. 
One of the best things about studying in the US is the wide range of study options available to the students. You can study everything from Russian history to nuclear physics. The US Universities offers a large number of scholarships and grants to their international students. Various other government and non-governmental bodies also offer external funds to students. 

Cost of studying in USA

While USA remains top in the favourite destination for international students, it is also the most expensive destination. The public institutions cost around $17,000 annually whereas the private institutions go up to $46,000. But these figures change according to your choice of course and university or college. Although, these are daunting, the scholarships and grants reduce most of the burden from the students.

Intakes in USA

US universities have 3 intakes for students.

Fall: August/September

Spring: January/February

Summer 3: April/May